Becoming a Member


Becoming a member requires only a few steps. However unlike most
commercial schools we do not accept everyone. We consider ourselves
protectors of a warrior lineage. As such, we only accept students who
we feel are able to exercise true patience, self-control, and the
dedication needed to continue our traditions and pass them on to
future generations.


Step 1.
In order to apply for membership you must be in good physical and
mental health, with no felony convictions, and agree to uphold our
dojo's reputation by not engaging in anti-social or irresponsible behavior.


Step 2.
Please contact us either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone
(314)749-8895 and let us know who you are. Please include your name,
any martial arts experience you have, how you heard about us, and why
you are interested in studying at our school. Please use proper
spelling and grammar when composing your introduction.

Within 24 hours you will receive a response to your inquiry. If you
have shown the proper interest and manners you will be invited to
observe a training session (called kengaku in Japanese).


Step 3.
Observe your first class. Please treat this like a job interview by
showing up early and dressing appropriately. This is a time to watch
our training, meet the teacher, and ask questions.

While you are observing us, we are observing you. If we are pleased
with the potential we see you will be invited to come back and attend
a free trial class.


Step 4.
After your trial class, if we find you are suitable for the dojo, and
the traditions taught in it, you will be invited back to join us in
training on a probationary basis. After that period, you may be asked
to leave, or given your first rank (in the older Japanese menkyo
ranking system this is sometimes called kirigami – cut paper) and will
be considered a full member of the dojo.


As per our Japanese tradition, we do not publicly post membership fees
on our website. However, our tuition is typically less than you will
find at most commercial dojo in the Saint Louis area, and goes toward
supporting the existence of the dojo. We will include our training
fees in your inquiry response.