Kumogakure Ryû Ninpo Taijutsu

"Hiding Behind the Clouds School" - Dr. Hatsumi is the 14th Soke


This is one of the three ninpo ryuha in the Bujinkan and is known for its tobi (jumping techniques) and kamayari (sickled spear). The kamayari and another special weapon, Ippon Sugi Noburi (a 25cm long metal tube with three spikes, and a long chain with hooks at its ends throught it) were used for combat and for climbing - often on ships. It is said that the phrase "Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo" comes from this ryu and reflects both Buddhist and Shinto attitudes. This Ryû is famous for its Demon Masks that were worn to play on the myth surounding ninja and scare the enemy. A technique rarely if ever seen in other systems was kikaku ken - deamon horn strike (head butt). When going into battle, ninja of this ryu wore armoured sleves to protect themselves Kumogakure Ryû also taught various survival techniques such as making fire in wet weather.

Brief History:

Kumogakure Ryû Ninjutsu was founded in the mid 1500's by Iga Heinaizaemon No Jo Ienaga who was said to have changed his name to Kumogakure Hoshi. It may have originated as a school of thought based on non-violence.

The History of Kumogakure Ninpo:

The taijutsu of Kumogakure Ryû is very similar to Togakure Ryû. The Kumogakure Ryû may have been created by the Toda family (also of Togkakure Ryû) in the 1600's, as a ninjutsu school of thought- centering it's techniques on the non-violent side of Ninpo. (The Togakure Ryû teaches that violence is to be avoided). The ninja of Kumogakure Ryû went into combat wearing armored sleeves to protect themselves. Another interesting feature of the ryu was the Demon Mask, sometimes worn by members of the system. Kikaku-ken (Demon Horn Fist, or head butt) gives rise to another theory of the Demon Mask. One of the special weapons of the style is the kamayari, or hooked spear. Used in combat against swordsmen, the hooks were used to parry and trap the incoming blades. It was also used to hook opponents from above. The Kumogakure Ryû densho mentions a ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke, who used the kamayari when leaping from tree to tree, hooking it onto the branches. Another Kumogakure Ryû speciality involved survival training, and being able to light fires under all conditions.

Iga Heinaizaemon had a son, Kami Hattori Heitaro Koreyuki, who was the ancestor of Hattori Hanzo, the famous ninja.

Soke of Kumogakure Ryû:

Iga Heinaizaemon no jo Ienaga Tenmon Era (1532-1554)
Toda Sagenta Nobufusa
Toda Gohei Nobunaga
Toda Noriyoshi
Toda Seiryu Nobutsuna Kwanyei Era (1624-1644)
Toda Fudo Nobuchika Manji Era (1658-1681)
Toda Kangoro Nobuyasu Tenna Era (1681-1704)
Toda Eisaburo Nobumasa Hoyei Era (1704-1711)
Toda Shingoro Masayoshi Gembun Era (1736-1764)
Toda Daigoro Chikahide Meiwa Era (1764-1804)
Toda Daisaburo Chikashige Bunkwa Era (1804-1818)
Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu b. 1824 - d. 1909
Takamatsu Toshitsugu b. 1887 - d. 1972
Hatsumi Masaaki b. 1931 -