Upcoming Seminars


Featuring: Dr. Luke Molitor, Happo Biken Menkyo Shihan


This is our yearly seminar held at the end of February. The Saint
Louis Bujinkan Dojo will be hosting Dr. Luke Molitor of the Jigoku
Dojo for a three day seminar on the ryu-ha of the Bujinkan. Beginning
and Advanced students of the Bujinkan Dojo are welcome and highly
encouraged to attend. Please contact the dojo for exact dates and
times as we get closer to the event.

Dr. Molitor is a lifelong student of the Japanese warrior arts and
ways, and a senior Shihan in the Bujinkan Dojo under the auspices of
Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi of Noda-shi, Japan. He has lived on-and-off in
Japan for over 7 years, and continues to study and train with Dr.
Hatsumi and his senior Japanese teachers. He is a close, trusted,
dedicated student of Hiroshi Nagase, Kenichi Someya, and Toshiro
Nagato, whose feeling permeates the Jigoku Dojo. Dr. Molitor has also
taught, trained, and competed in a number of martial systems -
Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and European, achieving
ranks in several arts, including Brazilian style jujutsu,
mixed-martial arts, kickboxing, fencing, and Western Combatives.

His credentials also include instructor certification in numerous
combat and defensive tactics programs such as use of force, chemical
sprays, military & police ground tactics, collapsible batons, tactical
handgun & shotgun, and several others. He has undergone extensive
training in executive protection concepts and received credentials as
a certified Executive Protection Specialist (EPS). Since that time he
has been employed as both an agent and team leader in various
capacities. In addition, he has designed programs for use in executive
protection and law enforcement and works as a consultant with various
law enforcement and private security groups.